The Crucifix Live Wallpaper

God, one in three faces, is a disembodied invisible spirit (Jn. 4: 24), alive (jer. 10; 1 Thess. 1:9), eternal (PS. 89: 3; ExC. 40:28; ROM. 14: 25), omnipresent (PS. 138: 7-12; acts. 17:27) and most merciful (Matt. 19: 17; FS. 24: 8). It cannot be seen because God does not have in him what the visible world consists of. Despite the common nature (essence) of all persons of the Holy Trinity and their «equivalence and compassion», the acts of pre-eternal birth (Son) and Exodus (Holy Ghost) are inexplicably different. All The faces of the inseparable Trinity are in perfect (absolute and self — sufficient) mutual love - «God is love» (1in. 4: 8). The birth of a Son and the Exodus of the spirit are recognized as eternal but voluntary properties of the divine nature, as opposed to how the God of the needy (not of his Nature) created countless angelic world (invisible) and material world (visible to us) by his good will (by his love), although he could not do anything (to this he was not forced).

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