Duck River Village Live Wallpaper

The family of duck chooses to dwell in places near bodies of water. Ideal places are wetlands, canals, bays, lakes and rivers rich in coastal vegetation. This bird does not settle in places where there is nowhere to hide. On fast rivers and reservoirs with bare coast this bird not to meet. Wild ducks quickly become accustomed to people and are willing to settle at the city reservoirs. Go to the contact with the person and will gladly accept treats. Duck is a migratory bird, migratory, following the food. With the onset of cold weather to find food is becoming more and birds in search of food, removed from their homes and begin migrating, heading South. In the spring flocks are going home. It is worth noting that ducks living on the equator and in the southern latitudes, too, migrate to escape from drought and heat. Flights start as soon as the youngsters stood up on the wing, stronger and ready for a long flight. At the time of the flight the flock follows the leader, in a straightforward manner. Migration routes pass through places rich in food"

Дата загрузки: 2013-10-12

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