Circle Lighting Live Wallpaper

Endless sea whirlpool. The whirlpool is a circular motion in the surface layer of water, developing in some areas of water bodies or channel flows as a result of the merger of the two currents, with the flow around the protrusions of the shore, with a sharp expansion of the channel. Sea whirlpools are caused by collisions of tidal and tidal waves and counter currents. The movement of water in the whirlpools can reach very high speeds. Horizontal dimensions vary from a few centimeters to several kilometers (in the open ocean).Whirlpool can be found in different parts of the world. The most famous whirlpools is the Maelstrom (off the coast of Norway), Charybdis (Strait between Sicily and Italy) and whirlpool downstream from Niagara falls. Small whirlpools, but representing a danger to swimmers can occur due to underground currents (under the river, lake), during the failure of the soil, the outgoing mass of water turns into a whirlpool (just as there is a funnel

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